Would you like to meet other alumni of the University of Copenhagen (UC) – or help UC students with their international career dreams?

Since 2011, the Alumni Association of The University of Copenhagen (UCPH Alumni) has had a network for UC alumni who live and work in New York. Today, some 110 UC alumni participate in events, act as mentors for exchange students from the University of Copenhagen and/or give lectures for other UC alumni and students in New York.

UCPH Alumni is currently looking for more mentors to their mentor program in New York. As a mentor, you will assist an exchange student interested in learning more about career paths and the business culture in New York.

UCPH Alumni is also looking for alumni offering summer internships in New York that could be relevant for University of Copenhagen students.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a mentor, offering a summer internship or getting involved with the network of UC alumni in New York, then write Signe Nielsen at the Alumni Secretariat:

Further information about the UCPH Alumni Network in New York:

Further information about the new summer internship program:

UCPH Alumni
The Alumni Association of The University of Copenhagen (UCPH Alumni) was established in 2007 and today has some 25,000 members. Membership in the Association is open for both current and former students. UCPH Alumni creates social and professional networks for the university alumni, and is building bridges between education and career, student life and work life, and Denmark and abroad.

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