Introducing DACC’s new ’Expertise Gateway Program’

DACC NY is launching the Expertise Gateway Program to introduce present and future members to DACC’s pool of talent—in other words, to create an ’expertise gateway.’ In addition to helping fellow members, this will be an opportunity for you to showcase and generate publicity around your own business, your expertise, and to help you grow your network. You and your business will be listed on the DACCNY website and various other outlets that advertise the program.
At this point, we are solely seeking to gauge your interest in the program and to get your ideas on how 
you might be able to contribute to the program. Your contribution is pretty much limited only by your own imagination. 
Suggested formats
We will leave the specific substance and scope of the sessions up to you but we imagine they might consist of presentations, seminars or one-on-one consultations. Depending on your particular industry area; 

  • presentations could include hosting or giving a talk on topics related to your area of expertise; 
  • seminars might consist of a one‑hour interactive seminar with a group of representatives at a company;
  • one-on-one consultations could be a one or two-hour service or product assessment (e.g. relating to a report, survey, counseling, quick evaluations/assessments of projects, feasibility assessments, quick review and input sessions for websites/marketing materials, etc.)

Suggested topics
The scopes and topics of such sessions naturally depend on your particular industry segment but we generally envision that they might include “general business conditions,” “segment experience,” “market entry pointers,” and “assistance formulating discussion-draft level documents” (e.g. on processes, policies, sales optimization and other measures to drive success, managing supplier relationships, or supporting cost containment/avoidance measures).
To illustrate how the program might work, we have listed a couple of examples of current volunteers.

  • DACC member Krifcon Engineering Inc. is offering 1-hour consultations addressing US/NY-specific issues for architects and engineers and 1-hour consultations regarding Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) of buildings/leases.
  • Tollund, Inc. | Nordic Legal & Corporate Consulting offers a number of one-hour seminars, e.g. “Depositions for Danes in the United States” and “Litigation cost control and risk management for Nordic companies.” These are in addition to Tollund, Inc.’s current offer of “Free translation and certification of vital records for submission to U.S. government agencies” for existing members. 
  • Holland & Knight LLP is offering 1-hour consultations to help you identify and prioritize US/NY-specific legal issues specifically relevant to your planned or established business activities in NY/U.S., e.g. choice of corporate entity, commercial contracts, government contracts, compliance, leases, licenses, employment terms/regulations, protection of IP, business immigration and more.

Please submit ideas for what you might wish to showcase no later than Friday, May 30th to and we will help you get the word out.
We look forward to hearing from you!