Nils Malmros at Lincoln Center

This weekend, six of Nils Malmros’ deeply personal dramas will be showed at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Nils Malmros is an acclaimed director and screenwriter who is known for films based on his own childhood experiences in Aarhus. 

"One of the constants in Malmros’s body of work has been his view of life as a series of stages, and taken together, his movies come off as proof that, in the movement from one stage to the next, there’s a loss for every gain."—Max Nelson, Film Comment

The six Malmros' film on show at Licoln Center is a part of the 15th edition of Film Comment magazine’s film festival (February 20 - March 5)


Århus by Night (1981), Sunday March 1. 3:30 pm
Boys (1977), Sunday March 1. 1:00 pm
Facing the Truth (2002), Saturday February 28., 1:00 pm
Pain of Love (1992), Friday February 27., 6:30 pm
Sorrow and Joy (2013), Friday February 27., 9:15 pm
Tree of Knowledge (1981), Saturday February 28., 3:15 pm

Read more about the film-program and buy your ticket here

The Film Society of Lincoln Center
70 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023-6595