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Cultural Competence

Learn to navigate in a global environment

Why is Cultural Competence or CQ (Cultural Intelligence) important? There are many benefits to being culturally intelligent in a global environment.

High cultural intelligence in a team leads to:

  • Fewer frustrations: Being able to avoid or minimize misunderstandings that lead to confusion, conflicts and wasted time.
  • Increase your power: Information is power. The more you know about other cultures and values systems, the better you can navigate the environment and perform effectively.
  • Using your potential to the fullest: When you know how to leverage cultural differences, you will be able to maximize your potential and that of your team.


CQ can be learned

This workshop by our two members, Lena Beck Roervig and Anette Due Rosenzweig, will teach you how you can increase your Cultural Intelligence and significantly improve your communication skills and performance.


The workshop is structured around 4 components:

  • Drive: Resilience in face of unknown and adverse situations.
  • Knowledge: Understanding of culture’s role in shaping how people think and behave.
  • Strategy: Awareness and strategic planning.
  • Action: Ability to act with flexibility and authenticity in culturally diverse situations.


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is for anyone who wants to successfully work, do business or live in a different culture. This includes business teams in larger corporations, small start-up teams and any individual who are interested in learning how cultural intelligence can improve their everyday performance and engagement in their local environment.


Tailored services

The workshop is tailored to all clients and their specific needs and context. The workshop is often combined with our Transition Consulting services.


Enroll in one of our open workshops or call us to discuss a tailor made company workshop.


Lunch time

Tuesday May 13th 11AM – 3PM


Tuesday May 13th 6AM – 10PM



$349. For members of DACC: $299. Included in the fee is either lunch or dinner.



The Caledonia. 450W 17th St. New York. NY 10011 (Btw 9th & 10th Av.)



Sign up by mail or phone.


Anette Due Rosenzweig                                   Lena Beck Roervig                        

347-605-6360                                                  917-803-0831


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Stambord, May
Later Event: May 14
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